Lake Eucumbene Chamber of Commerce (Incorporated)

Postal address: PO Box 14, ADAMINABY, NSW 2629


The Lake Eucumbene Chamber of Commerce (Inc.) was established at a public meeting in December 2002. Since then it has worked hard to foster business and economic development throughout the whole Eucumbene area. It has an active business and social policy and believes that economic development and a healthy community environment are intertwined.

Executive Committee
Jan Leckström Chairman, Email:
Mark Fountain, Deputy Chairman, Email:
Joan Fogarty, Secretary & Public Officer, Email:
Sven Olsen, Treasurer, Email:
Jan Norris, Committee Member.



  • Our Next Meeting will be held on Tues. 6thFeb. 2007, at 7.30pm in the meeting room of the Adaminaby Hall. The guest speakers will be from Snowy Hydro. Both KEN LISTER, Executive Officer Production and David Hogan, Regional Marketing Manager, addressed us at our very successful meeting in Sept. '06. As we know, our area is experiencing unique climatic conditions and it will be with great interest that we update our knowledge. Questions are invited. In order that these are researched properly, members who wish to ask either Ken or David questions are invited to either email them to the Chairman or phone (02) 6454 2438.
  • Our AGM is to be held on Tues. 6th March in the meeting room of the Adaminaby Hall @ 7.30pm.

  • End of Year Celebration. On Wed. 6thDec. the Chamber enjoyed an informal end of year celebration hosted by Lyn and Michael Heidtmann of 'Tanderra Lodge'. Delicious food was enjoyed by all and members enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere.
  • At a Special Meeting held on Tuesday 14th November at 7.00pm in the meeting room of the Adamminaby Hall, Joe Vescio, Acting General Manager, Paul Wansbrough Director of Engineering and Operational Services and Dilip Dutta Manager Waste and Waste, all of the Snowy River Shire, met with Chamber members and local business owners and operators to discuss changes at the Adaminaby Tip.

  • Steve Whan meets Chamber members
    Steve Whan meets members of the Chamber The November meeting was held on Wednesday8th and was a great success. It was the first time our GUEST SPEAKER STEVE WHAN, MP, State member for Monaro had addressed the Chamber.He spoke about his government's ongoing achievement with wild dog baiting and recent announcements regarding small business and drought relief assistance. Discussion was free flowing and he talked in depth about our LEP, lake levels and issues with water storages. Other things covered were red tape matters that hinder small business efficiency, WorkCover and medical services. Important issues relating to Tourism which are of particular relevance to our area especially in a time of economic downturn from drought, such as access to Happy Jack's Road for licenced tourism operators and the impact of the second stage of the IPART winter access surcharge to KNP were discussed in detail. Seemingly small matters, such as the lack of electronic card facilities at the Selwyn gate to KNP, are of significance in a small town. Last winter this caused a 'cash shortage' in the town and is an operational issue that apparently hasn't been considered by NSW NPWS. Members greatly appreciated hearing Steve Whan speak.
    Business matters:
    1) The special meeting to be held with the Snowy River Shire Council to discuss matters associated with the Adaminaby Tip on Tues. 14th Nov. @ 7.00pm (see above)
    2) Progress is being made by the TVF Program Steering Committee, work on the refurbishing of the Adaminaby Information Centre is continuing with the map and most signs being repainted, the books have been successfully audited, discussions have been recommenced with the mayors about the Bobeyan Road.
    3) Reports were given about:
    * The SRSC's 100th Anniversary and Adaminaby's role on Sat. 25th Nov. which is also the day of the Adaminaby Cup.
    * The specifications for the type of weather station required for linking with our website,
    * The necessity for a small committee to produce regular written fishing reports to appear in fishing magazines and newspapers.
    * Various meetings attended.
  • The October meeting was held on Tues. 3rd October 2006 at 7.30pm in the meeting room
    of the Adaminaby Hall.
    Our guest speaker was David Madew the National Party candidate for our state seat of Monaro. He gave a very challenging and informative address outlining the great benefits that would flow to regional NSW and small businesses within the Monaro electorate when the Coalition achieved government at the next state election. He was particularly insightful about the problems currently faced by primary producers, being one himself. He answered questions freely and directly addressed the issue of his proposed place of residence if elected.

  • Jan Leckström and David Madew enjoy a chat.

  • We held a SPECIAL MEETING on MON. 25th SEPT. @ 4.30pm with David Smaluck, Dept. State & Regional Development's Community and Economic Development Manager, South East and Illawarra Region, TOWNS & VILLAGES FUTURES PROGRAM.
    All Businesses & Members of Community organizations were invited. Business was to:
    ............*Review and update our 2001 Strategic & Marketing Plan,
    ............*Examine new funding and planning options so we can:
    .................................Market our region effectively,
    .................................Produce a new brochure and
    .................................Organize events and projects.
  • Our meeting on Tuesday 5th September meeting was a great success. Our guest speaker was KEN LISTER, Snowy Hydro's Executive Officer Production. He spoke about: Snowy Hydro as a business, its operation and many issues of local interest. David Hogan, (Snowy Hydro's Regional Marketing Manager) also attended. Both Ken and David were very happy to answer questions, many of which required detailed and researched answers. Members heard that the repaired and refurbished surface of Old Denison Street at Old Adaminaby which re-emerged from Lake Eucumbene at the beginning of July, was ideal for an all-weather boat ramp. Snowy Hydro is providing the budget and the Snowy River Council is working with them. The Council has engaged a local contractor who does regular repairs and maintenance and this will be ongoing for as long as required. Old Denison Street goes a long, long way under the Lake and is more than adequate to serve all needs, so boats owners are assured that access to the Lake is assured in the future. This has been arranged in a very businesslike manner and is a credit to all concerned.
    Some other important issues discussed were operating levels, comparative water levels and capacities between Lakes, rainfall patterns over the last century, the availability of reliable weather information on Lake Eucumbene and communication between the Chamber and Snowy Hydro. A very productive and positive two way interchange of ideas took place. Members gained a great deal from Ken's presentation and found it extremely valuable.
    Other important matters discussed at this meeting were:
    *A NPWS meeting called to discuss distributing the IPART winter surcharge money,
    *Telsta's commissioning of Broadband on 30th Sept,
    *The new petition for the 'Back Road' for ACT residents only, which is in the supermarket,
    *Activities being planned by Adaminaby community groups for the Snowy River Shire's 100th xanniversary celebration:
  • The events in Adaminaby are going to take place on Sat 25th and Sun 26th November 2006.
  • The Adaminaby Race meeting (Sat 25th Nov.) will be part of the festivities.
  • The Council is putting $10,000 toward a major work in each of the Shire's 4 towns and xxxAdaminaby's is to be the restoration of the 'Big Trout'.
  • Celebrations will take place over two weekends, 25-26 November and 2-3 December 2006.
  • During the first weekend in December there will be a parade in Berridale and a Ball in Dalgety.


    On 4th July it was announced that the Chamber, working with the Adaminaby Craft Group, had received a Federal Regional Partnership Grant for the upgrading of the historic century old Adaminaby Hall and School of Arts. This involves over $33,200 from the Federal Government, $35,000 from the Snowy River Shire Council, and $9,800 from the local community in cash and kind, including $500 from the Adaminaby Rural Fire Service.

    Here some committee members thank their local Federal member for Eden-Monaro, the Hon. Gary Nairn, MHR, for his support. He is also the Special Minister for State.

    There was excellent community response to this competition and 46 formal entries were received. Many entrants submitted several slogans so there were a large number to chose from. Prior to the meeting the Committee drew up a short list and then a vote was taken during the meeting.

    Aaron Hedger (aged 10) whose slogan is
    "ADAMINABY - The Town for FOUR Seasons"
    Here's Aaron happily accepting the winner's prize of a $50 book voucher, proudly presented to him by Jan Leckström (Chairman)

    The Runners-up were:


    1. Privatisation of Snowy Hydro: The Chamber was extremely relieved and happy about the outcome. It particularly expressed its appreciation to our Federal Member and Minister of State Gary Nairn, the Mayor of Snowy River Shire, Richard Wallace, the Mayor of Cooma-Monaro Shire, Roger Norton and people in the local community had given unimaginable hours of work to achieve this.
    2. Great concern is felt about the imposition of the NEW IPART winter surcharges . The first stage of the two stage imposition began at the start of this Winter. It will be exclusively charged to people entering all gates of the Kosciusko National Park. Last year's entry fee was $17, this year's $22 and in 2007 it will be $27. The lack of equity and negative economic impact on the Selwyn gate is a huge worry for the Chamber.
      Effective lobbying strategies have been implemented and accommodation providers and other businesses related to the winter season were encouraged to explain the situation to their customers by displaying notices and providing pro-forma letters.
      A list of suburbs in State electorates relevant to this campaign and copies of the pro-forma letters are available by emailing Lake Eucumbene Units:
    3. Snowy River Shire's Celebration of 100 Years of Local Government
      Nov 25th- Dec 3rd Dec 2006:
      • The Chairman is the community's representative on this Committee.
      • She has asked for suggestions for ways for this event to be celebrated by community organizations.
      • These celebrations last the whole day and will be linked with the Adaminaby Race Meeting on Sat. 25th Nov. 2006
      • There will also be celebrations held in Berridale, Dalgety and Jindabyne.
      • There is a budget for community projects. Adaminaby's Project is the upgrading and refurbishment of the BIG TROUT.
    4. Chamber Submission to Coroner's Inquest 30/05/06. The Coroner's recommendations included issues of boat and personal safety in high altitude, large, alpine lakes. Steps that the Chamber could take to promote these are an on-going issue of concern, particularly the long-standing problem of inadequate weather forecasting.
    5. On Tues. 2nd May 2006 Sarah Hannebery of SEACC facilitated a BUSINESS WORKSHOP in which she assisted Chamber members to identify ways to effectively PROMOTE and MARKET the Lake Eucumbene region.

      • A Brochure to publicise and market the area is urgently needed,
      • It was decided to adopt the 'Big Trout' as the area's 'brand' as it is associated with this region Australia-wide,
      • In order to effectively market our region, the creation of a logo with a slogan that identified specifically the most important characteristic of our unique area by the community, was seen as a crucial starting point,
      • In order to discover what the town wanted it was decided that a TOWN COMPETITION would be held and prizes awarded for the for the best slogan/s. The Winner
    6. The proposed privatisation of Snowy Hydro (January - June '06).
      • The Chamber was extremely concerned about this, consulted with experts, had serious reservations about the process and supported all efforts to open up debate
      • On Thurs. 20thApril the Chamber participated in the Forum organized by the Mayor of Cooma-Monaro Shire, Roger Norton. Guests included the Hon. Gary Nairn MHR, Special Minister for State and member for Eden Monaro, John Della Bosca MP, NSW Minister for Finance, Steve Whan MP, Member for Monaro, Richard Wallace the mayor of our shire of Snowy River and mayors of our neighbouring shires.
        Many deeply held and differing views were expressed. A huge amount of information which had been thoroughly and expertly researched was presented. This meeting was widely reported in the media and whilst unfortunately it may not change the NSW Government's financially motivated decision to sell our national icon, there was enough expert information presented to hopefully make it review its decision.
        We found it a very rewarding experience to get together with other like minded people from our wider community.
    7. On Tuesday 7th March 2006 Sarah Hannebery the Small Business Field Officer of SEACC of SEACC conducted a very successful Informative Small Business Workshop
    8. This provided a wonderful opportunity for businesses to get together in a very positive atmosphere. There were comprehensive notes for every participant.
      a)TOPICS covered included:
      • Practical Cash Flow Management,
      • People Management for Small Business,
      • Media Release Writing,
      • Website Design Maintenance and Promotion,
      • Future Business Trends in the region,
      • Spam and Internet Security,
      • There were many important issues raised and participants enjoyed the opportunity to discuss business issues with Sarah and colleagues.

      • b) OUTCOMES:
        All participants benefited from the 'round table' discussion that Sarah initiated. They agreed:
      • The Lake Eucumbene region must foster the "Big Trout" as this is universally identified with our region.
      • This region needs positive, constructive marketing.
    9. At a special meeting on Thurs.23/02/06 we heard our Federal member for Eden-Monaro, the Hon. Gary Nairn, Special Minister for State, speak about the complex issue of the proposed privatisation of Snowy Hydro from the Commonwealth perspective. During this meeting a full and frank discussion took place and subsequent to the meeting he provided us with many well researched answers to our questions as to how this proposed sale could affect issues important to local businesses particularly those in the tourist industry.
      1. The Chamber is working constructively to bring local community groups together: under our umbrella to assist them get funding to make our region a better place:
        • In Round 1 of the 2006 Recreational Fishing Community Grants Program announced in January the Adaminaby Fishing Club was awarded $22,840 to extend the Old Adaminaby boat ramp. This project will extend the length of the existing ramp to enable usage at times of low water levels.
        • Are in the process with the Adaminaby Craft Group and the Snowy River Shire Council of applying for a Regional Partnership Grant from the Commonwealth Government to refurbish and upgrade the historic Adaminaby Community Hall and School of Arts.
        • With the Adaminaby Youth Group successfully applied for and were awarded $17,000 for the upgrade and rebuilding of a multi-purpose sporting surface from the NSW Dept. of Sport and Recreation.
      2. Working with the local community to prepare submissions for the Snowy River Shire Council Plan of Management 2006-07
      3. Working with the local community and the Farmer's Federation to have Telstra Broadband brought to Adaminaby,
      4. We are currently upgrading the Adaminaby Tourist Information Building
        There already has been a working bee held to clean and tidy up the building which is located near Adaminaby's famous 'Big Trout'. Members are now working at updating business signs so they can display their up-to-the-minute business information. Business members will receive a preferential rate for the display of their business sign.

      The first Tuesday in each month, (excluding January, July and August).
      **** Please note that there is to be a ONE-OFF change of day and date for the November 2006 meeting - this is to be held on Wednesday 8th November. Meeting information

      Adaminaby Community Hall @ 7.30 pm.

      Annual Subscriptions:
      • Business: $80
      • Community: $20

      We have 24 Business Members and 10 Community Members
      To join or make membership enquiries

      1. Listing of their business information on this website with links to their own sites.
      2. Through this Chamber's affiliation with Australian Business Limited, (which is the result of the recent merger between the NSW State Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Manufacturers) some of the benefits our Business members receive are:

        • 'Hotlinking' of this website via ABL's and thus exposure for our business members of their business information throughout Australia's business community,
        • Access to free industrial relations, legal and business etc advice
        • Updates via a weekly e-Newletter, a monthly e-magazine to the changing world of Australian business.
        • Access to major conferences, workshops and certain venues at extraordinarily favourable rates
        • Access to specialist lobbying services,
        • and MUCH, MUCH more.
      3. On ALL brochures and publications produced by this Chamber:
        • Listing of members business information
        • Very favourable rates for additional information if required.

      OUR PLANS for 2006:
      1. Completion of our Strategic Plan,
      2. Commencement of a high quality MARKETING CAMPAIGN with the production of a high quality brochure to publicise the northern Lake Eucumbene region and its Businesses,
      3. To continue to run a productive Chamber of Commerce which will benefit its members in all ways.
      4. See all our Community Projects through to successful completions.